Teak Construction Group practice environmentally conscious behaviour

We have a minimal effect on the environment with every build. We are a member of NZ’s Green Building Council and implement best practice sustainable standards.


Asbestos Contaminated Material

Teak Construction Group notes that all forms of asbestos are hazardous and can cause illness. Should asbestos be identified, all requirements of the Health and Safety at Work (Asbestos) Regulation 2016 and related approved codes of practice are to be met.


Dust & Silt Mitigation

Dust and silt mitigation may be required during excavation works on the site. Alongside compliance with Auckland Council regulations and requirements, we consider and implement controls to mitigate the dust and silt produced from the site works.


Storm Water & Sediment Control

There is potential for sediment from construction works to be washed into the storm water system. Teak Construction Group recognises this and implements measures to limit the discharge of sediment laden water.


Removal of Waste Material

Measures are put in place to ensure the proper transportation of all demolition materials and waste.


Construction Noise Management

Teak Construction Group will implement a noise management plan to identify the construction activities and any nearly noise sensitive activities and provide measures to appropriately manage or mitigate those impacts.


Vibration Hazards

Teak Construction Group recognizes that vibration associated with demolition can be intrusive and disturbing. The effective management of such vibration is essential to avoid unreasonable effects on neighbouring businesses and individuals.


Underground Services

All reasonably practicable steps and controls will be considered and be in place to allow the job to be completed safely.


Environmental Sustainability

Teak Construction Group is committed to minimizing the impact on the environment as well as to protecting the health and safety of our workers and the communities in which we operate.

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