ADHB Substations

The project covers the construction of four substations around the Auckland Hospital grounds. Part of the work involves construction in and around major electrical feeds for the wider Hospital area. We are working closely with service locator subcontractors and rigorously completing permits to work and task analysis to ensure the works conducted are as safe as possible before commencement.

This can sometimes be a ‘stop-start-stop-start’ exercise, where we constantly have to monitor our construction programme and liaise with the hospital representatives to ensure the works do not conflict with surgeries and general hospital activities above and around our working areas.

Although challenging at times, we understand the importance of giving forward notice to the Hospital to ensure we are not affecting ongoing healthcare within the Hospital, as some of the areas involve works around the Child Oncology and Mental Health units.

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  • Location Auckland Hospital, Grafton
  • Year Complete Under Construction
  • Value $3.6m
  • Contract Type
  • Client Electrix
  • Architect Ignite - Auckland

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