Teak Construction, a leading construction company based in Auckland, has announced its sponsorship of the West Coast Rangers Soccer Team. The company will provide the team with new jerseys for the upcoming season.

The West Coast Rangers, a local amateur soccer team, has been making waves in the soccer community and has gained a following of fans and supporters. The team has been working hard to secure sponsorship to help with their expenses and equipment needs. Teak Construction saw the opportunity to support a local team and be part of the community and jumped at the chance to sponsor the team.

According to the team’s coach, the new jerseys will not only provide the players with a professional look, but will also boost their morale and give them the confidence they need to perform at their best. The jerseys will feature Teak Construction’s logo.

“We are honored to be associated with the West Coast Rangers and to support the team in their efforts to bring joy and excitement to the community through the sport of soccer,” said Sam White, Commercial Director of Teak Construction. “Sports bring people together and create a sense of community, and we are proud to be a part of that. Our company values giving back to the community, and this sponsorship is just one way for us to show our support.”

The West Coast Rangers are thrilled with the sponsorship, and the players are looking forward to wearing their new jerseys on the field. The team’s captain expressed his gratitude towards Teak Construction and said that the sponsorship will help the team reach new heights and will provide them with the resources they need to perform at their best.

The sponsorship announcement has been met with excitement and support from the local community. Fans and supporters of the West Coast Rangers are eager to see the team take the field in their new jerseys, and they are looking forward to the upcoming season.