The Mairangi Bay ‘Waipapa’ Apartments project has had a productive few months in preparation for moving vertical. This has culminated in the erection of six 12m tall precast panels on the northern face of the Block A building with the help of the 30m tall tower crane (which now has an active neon sign for all of Mairangi Bay to see). Block B has had the majority of foundations and an in situ wall formed and we will look to pour slabs in the coming months.

The public drainage works in the nearby carpark have almost concluded and involved open trenching and thrusting of PE line and installation of three manholes. Power has also been brought to site with the thrusting of ducts from Montrose Terrace.

The staggered sequencing of the job, caused by a range of in ground issues out of our control, has led to pouring of slabs in some before beginning foundations in others – this certainly keeps the subcontractors on their toes. Moving forward, we will finish off foundations on the southern side of the site before pouring all slabs and continuing up into the structure.