Since our last newsletter we have implemented a Social Procurement and Sustainability Policy…

Teak construction Group’s Social Procurement and Sustainability Policy is our kaupapa (policy) for social procurement and sustainable practices. This policy sets out a number of practical guidelines to ensure Teak Construction Group’s actions always positively impact out team, build partners and members of the community.

Teak Construction Group is committed to using procurement for social good, as well as building sustainability into everything we do. We mange these practices throughout every build, including a number of ongoing social and sustainability initiatives such as:

Enabling young tradesmen to gain an education through apprenticeship programmes.

Practicing manaakitanga (compassion and generosity) by looking after our staff, paying all Teak Construction Group staff a living wage and ensuring all our subcontractors do the same.

Championing diversity by encouraging the use and development of Maori, Pacifica and other cultures through the use of language and cultural practices.

Liaising with Iwi and other cultural groups to grain understanding of Te Ao Maori and the wider social impact Teak Construction Group can have.

Teak construction Group’s social production and sustainability policy is designed to ensure we think beyond our bottom line to take care of our employees, clients, local communities and the environment.

Teak construction group sees sustainable practices and social procurement policies as a way to meet the needs of our people and local communities. it’s important to us that we provide opportunities that enrich our people, by ensuring that those same opportunities are available for future generations.