Rosmini College Auditorium Re-roof and Remediation

Teak Construction took on the task of re-roofing and remediating the Auditorium roof, which had been plagued by design flaws that compromised its weatherproofing mechanisms.

The entire roof of the Auditorium was re-roofed using modern and durable materials, providing extra protection from the elements. The internal gutter was also reconfigured to improve water drainage, reducing the likelihood of water accumulation and potential damage to the building.

To complete this extensive renovation, Teak Construction had to erect an entire scaffold with a tent to provide access to the roof and protect the workers from the weather. Despite the ongoing construction work, the Auditorium remained fully functional throughout the renovation. In addition, the construction team worked around the school’s schedule, pausing construction work to accommodate the school’s needs for the Auditorium.

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  • Location Takapuna, Auckland
  • Year Complete 2017
  • Value Undisclosed
  • Contract Type Tender
  • Client Rosmini College BOT
  • Architect

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