Pt Chevalier Apartments

Teak Construction was responsible for delivering a total of 63 housing units, which were assembled from modular components imported from China.

These modular units, essentially self-contained apartments, arrived in New Zealand with a 95% completion rate internally. However, the real innovation lay in their transformation upon arrival. Teak managed the intricate process of erecting these modules, integrating walkways, stairs, lift systems, and connecting all essential services. On-site tasks, including interstorey complexing, building wrap installation, and alupanel cladding, were meticulously executed in New Zealand to ensure compliance with local building codes and material standards.

The project faced several challenges that required innovative solutions and adaptability throughout its build. The unexpected discovery of asbestos pipes and contaminated soil during excavation and groundwork disrupted the initial timeline, necessitating immediate remediation and mitigation measures. Additionally, introducing design enhancements in collaboration with Kainga Ora introduced complexity, requiring careful consideration, design development, and regulatory approvals.

This project is a beacon of innovation, from the transportation of modular components from China to their assembly in New Zealand.

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  • Location Point Chevalier, Auckland
  • Year Complete Under Construction
  • Value $15M
  • Contract Type Tender
  • Client Kāinga Ora
  • Architect

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