New year, new logo, new office, new projects, new team members, change is happening at Teak.

Late last year we celebrated our 31st anniversary in business with the Teak team at the New Zealand Maritime Museum, it was a fantastic evening enjoyed by all. It gave me time to reflect on if Teak was a person, what type of qualities would they have and the following resonated with me.

Change: Over the years, Teak has embraced change with open arms. We’ve adapted to evolving technologies, construction methods, and design trends, always staying at the forefront of innovation. We’ve never been afraid to change, because we know that change is the driving force behind progress.

Authenticity: Teak has always stayed true to its core values and principles. We’ve built our reputation on honesty, integrity, and authenticity. We deliver what we promise, and our authenticity shines through in every project we undertake.

Resilience: The construction industry can be challenging, but Teak has shown remarkable resilience in the face of adversity. We’ve weathered economic storms, faced tough competition, and emerged stronger each time. Our ability to bounce back from setbacks is a testament to our enduring spirit.

Teak is looking forward to this new era with our various business partners as we move forward in 2024, please feel free to drop in at 15 Sale Street to catch up with the team over the coming months.

All the best for 2024,

Sam White
Commercial Director

Project Updates

ANZOR Nandina Avenue

The ANZOR Project consists of a new warehousing space and new trade facility. This new facility will alleviate a much-needed space requirement for ANZOR’s ever-growing stock. The facility will have a high stud warehouse with extra strength floors in some areas to take heavy machinery, a floor slab flatness to suit high reach fork hoist activity in aisles between racking, a two-story administration and trade services area, parking and siteworks.

So far on site we have completed prospecting digs to understand foundation heights of the neighbouring buildings, soil investigations and piling operations prior to the installation of the gravel raft.

The project consists of #84, 13m high precast panels and large Steltech portal beams and columns. The shop drawing process for these is underway with the first precast panels expected on site in mid to late April. One of the key challenges for the project is the high spec concrete finish which stipulates a 1mm tolerance over a 10m span due to the large turret forklifts removing stock from the high racking.

We are very excited to get the project underway and are looking forward to another successful project with ANZOR.

Ben Murray
Site Manager

Kennards Self Storage

We are excited to once again be working with Kennards Self Storage on a 3 building storage facility in Hastings, Hawke’s Bay. We are in the ECI stage currently with the intention of breaking ground in May 2024.

The facility will consist of multiple storage lockers over two floors, with a showroom. It will be a steel structure with a CLT floor and exterior walls of either Korock or Precast, this is currently being determined through the ECI process. Teak are running the ECI Programme and coordinating consultants to achieve specific milestones so we can move forward with the construction phase as soon as possible. A two-stage consent process is being adopted allowing civils and foundation works to occur while the above ground services, architectural and fit-out consent package is completed while the onsite ground works are underway. Teak and Kennards are eager to begin building at the earliest stage!

It is exciting to bring a Teak presence to other areas of NZ and look forward to challenge of working in a new environment, with new contractors.

This is our second Kennard Self Storage build and hope to be completing many more in the future.

David Latham
Construction Manager


KidsCan Fundraiser

This year 22 Teak Team members are participating in Rounds the Bays running event on the 3rd of March, raising money for KidsCan.

KidsCan is Aotearoa New Zealand’s leading charity dedicated to helping Kiwi kids affected by poverty. Helping tamariki experiencing hardship by providing food, jackets, shoes and health products to schools and early childhood centres across New Zealand. With these essentials, kids can participate in learning and have the opportunity for a better future.

KidsCan are providing items to over 1000 schools and ECEs nationwide, with many more on the waitlist. We know that when kids are warm and fed, they are able to learn and have their best chance of escaping the poverty cycle.

We have a goal of raising $10,000 – every donation is greatly appreciated.

Donate Now

Health and Safety

A Year of Improvement

2023 was a year of improvement for our project teams in the HSEQ space. As can be seen from the graph below over the past year our team have been working hard at identifying issues with regards to Health & Safety, environmental issues, and quality assurance. The overall trend shows that these are on the rise.

Our HSE Manager has been working on aligning our quality management system with ISO 9001:2015 since August last year receiving help from our construction managers and a few of our PMs throughout the process. In mid-January we went through the process of external auditing against the standard and all their hard work has paid off as there was only one minor non-conformance found. This has already been closed out and following technical review of the auditor’s report we will receive certification in February. This gives us the trifecta of certification with our Health & Safety, Environmental, and Quality Management systems certified to the highest standards.

Also, in 2023 despite difficulties with supply chains and crazy weather we still had a strong focus on trying to keep our waste levels down. Between March 2023 and the 31st of December 2023 Teak as an organisation has diverted 76% of all waste, collected from its construction sites, away from landfill. We are as an organisation well on the way to reaching our target of 80% of our construction waste being diverted from landfills or being recycled.

Steve Wong
HSEQ Manager

Unfortunately, we are now in the middle of Winter, and it seems as though the Winter has been ongoing for nearly all year.

However, while winter is wet and dark, the bright side to our business is that we are in the throes of a large amount of enquiry and tendering that has been lacking over the past couple of years.

Historically the “Year of Election” is a time where enquiry and tendering slow down while everyone waits for whom is to be our next Country’s Leaders. For whatever reason this seems not to have happened yet and does not seem to show any signs of this type of slowing concern in the private sector. There will always be a halt in the Public/Government sectors as politicians try and save their political careers by not being seen to spend money prior to elections.

So may the positivity continue.

This leads me to my next point. We are constantly getting both positive and negative reviews from our clients. I can confirm that we have a lot more positive than negative offered statements made to us constantly and as such Sam, Stuart and I would like to thank all Teak employees for the contribution that you make to Teak and our clients.

As Directors we really feel proud that there seems to be a great feel within the Company, especially with what we have had to press through, over the past number of years with Covid and what that has done to the New Zealand people’s attitudes towards life generally.

There is a real negativity within the overall public domain on an “everyday basis” (attitudes and crime as a result), however, we as Team Teak seem to have pushed through this negative barrier and the feeling within the business is very positive.

Just 2 of many comments from Clients being offered within the past weeks on 2 different projects… We understand the importance of education and the role that schools play in shaping the future of our children. That’s why we are committed to delivering a facility that will provide the best possible learning experience for the students of Waimauku.

We are dedicated to ensure that the construction process is carried out efficiently, safely and with minimal disruption to the community. We will be working closely with the school board and the local community to ensure that their needs and concerns are taken into consideration throughout the construction process.

This is an exciting time for the Waimauku community, and we are honored to be a part of it. We are looking forward to delivering a school that the community can be proud of.

“Team members at our project are a real asset to Teak. They go beyond what we expected, and we feel that we are part of the Teak family as a result”.

“We are extremely happy with this project. I have worked in the industry for 40 years and this is the only project that I have been involved with that there is no arguing. Everyone is moving in the same direction to the benefit of the project. I would expect to see Teak on further projects that I am involved with”.

To let the team understand what we are trying to achieve from a Company direction standpoint… We are really pushing the Business Development and as a wise man once said,

“Without business development there is likely to be no business”

With this in mind Sam, Stuart and I have engaged the full-time assistance of “Harriet Birchall” to which clients in the first instance can contact along with any Teak staff that has any leads can point those important leads towards Harriet.

Harriet Birchall
Business Development Manager
027 805 3122

We hope the weather starts to brighten up as we come slowly into Summer and with this, the opportunities within the Construction Industry replenish to ensure the ongoing success of our Country and our Clients visions.

Stay safe and warm until the sun starts to shine!

Wayne Birchall
Managing Director

Project Updates

10 John Glen Ave, Rosedale

The warehouse and office build at 10 John Glen is nearing completion despite the challenges the site team have been facing over the past 12 months, including terrible weather conditions that affected the groundworks from the beginning of the build right through to installing the roof and cladding, along with Architectural and engineering changes in a bid to build a better final product for the client and his tenants. Throughout these challenges the site team have pushed on and maintained good working relationships with the client, the architect, contractors, and suppliers. Teak considers that by the completion of the project which is scheduled for the end of July 2023, this project will be another great success to be added to our record.

Auckland District Health Board

The Auckland District Health Board project at Auckland Hospital began December 2022, and is likely to being completed October 2023. It is comprised of 4 substations, in 3 different locations across the hospital campus. These substations are block wall compounds with in situ concrete ceilings, each with a pit and grating to which electrical switchgear and transformers are installed by Electric (the client). Teak have taken the substations from groundworks to enclosure, at which point we work in with Electrix while they fit it out, and we finish with waterproofing to the roof, FRP fencing and gates throughout, aluminium fire doors for access and painted Sto plaster.

ADHB has been a unique project for Teak with a different structure to the normal Main Contractor contract due to the fact our client is Electrix, and their client is the ADHB. It has been a pleasure to work with Electrix and the Auckland District Health Board, and hopefully it will lead onto further Substation Works.

It has been a difficult environment to work in due to the strict policies in place being the Auckland Hospital, with added complexities as there is a large infrastructure job being completed by McConnell Dowel, resulting in extensive TMP’s, access difficulties and parking issues. That being said it has been a fantastic job with plenty of learnings, and we look forward to adding it to our ever growing resume.

David Latham
Construction Manager

NZ Bakels – Project Century

Teak mobilised to site on 4th October 2022 and started the 450-day Construction of Bakels 2000m2 warehouse (Bld C), 4 level Production Building (Bld B2), 2 level Facilities Building (Bld 3) and single level Transition Building (Bld 1).
Piling and inground works were carried out over the summer months while procurement of Pre Cast elements, Lift, Structural Steel, HVAC Air Handlers and Chillers were shop drawn and manufactured to meet programme demand.
With just over half the Project duration used, the Projects’ Structure is nearing completion, the roof to Building B2 will commence late July with Building C structural steel steltech portals being installed once B2 roof is completed.

Project Century Statistics
  • 500 x 8.0mtr x .3 driven timber piles
  • 143 steel driven UC piles
  • 12 x 600mm dia. Concrete reinforced piles
  • 59 x 18.0mtr high Pre Cast Panels form the outside walls of the warehouse
  • 18.0mtr high steltech portals act as the warehouse structure
  • Building B2 consists of 4 x levels each 6.0mtrs high constructed using 200mm pre cast panels, half solid beams, 150mm thick flat slabs with 150mm topping slab.
  • The external walls to B2 are over clad with polypanel
  • The internal pre cast walls to B2 are skim plastered and then a 2 pack epoxy coating is applied to comply with hygiene regulations
Project Century is on target to be completed on time, on budget and to an extremely high standard and defect free in the first quarter of 2024.

Health and Safety

Environmental and Occupational Excellence

Here at Teak, we have recently completed auditing against ISO 14001:2015 Environmental management systems (initial Assessment) and ISO 45001:2018 Occupational health and safety management systems (OHSMS) (Surveillance). This was the first time that we had attempted to get certification for our environmental management system (EMS). We have been working on making improvements and binging our EMS in line with the ISO 14001:2015 standard over the past year. It has been wonderful to learn that our hard work has paid off, our auditor has informed us that we will receive certification when his report is finalised. Our OHSMS is in its second year of surveillance so most of our project teams are now pretty familiar with the whole external audit process. It was a cracking result with only three minor non-conformances found across both standards with 7 projects visited. Credit goes to our project teams who do an incredible job keeping our people and the environment safe.

People say that leadership starts at the top, this is especially important when it comes to setting objectives for how we will measure success. Our directors have decided that this year we will aim to divert 80% of construction waste from landfill through, reuse, recycling, or repurposing. To assist with this, we are using Green Gorilla for waste disposal for all of our projects. They are providing us with monthly reports detailing how much waste is being recycled or diverted from landfill.

This means that we can now provide our clients with high quality information about; how their project is progressing, how safe their project is and how much waste is being diverted from landfills. We are also in the process of installing multiple bins on our projects so that we can sort multiple waste streams where it’s possible to do so, this will enable us to divert even more material from landfill. It’s quite a lot of effort, but like Kermit said, “it’s not easy being green”.

Steve Wong
Health & Safety Manager

We are excited to announce that the construction of the new Waimauku School is officially starting. This is a new beginning for the students and community of Waimauku and we are thrilled to be a part of such an important project.

The new school will be built to the highest standards and will be designed to be a safe, healthy and sustainable learning environment that will inspire and support the students’ growth and development. The school will feature modern classrooms, a library, a gym, a sports field and state-of-the-art technology throughout the building.

We understand the importance of education and the role that schools play in shaping the future of our children. That’s why we are committed to delivering a facility that will provide the best possible learning experience for the students of Waimauku.

We are dedicated to ensure that the construction process is carried out efficiently, safely and with minimal disruption to the community. We will be working closely with the school board and the local community to ensure that their needs and concerns are taken into consideration throughout the construction process.

This is an exciting time for the Waimauku community, and we are honored to be a part of it. We are looking forward to delivering a school that the community can be proud of.

Teak Construction, a leading construction company based in Auckland, has announced its sponsorship of the West Coast Rangers Soccer Team. The company will provide the team with new jerseys for the upcoming season.

The West Coast Rangers, a local amateur soccer team, has been making waves in the soccer community and has gained a following of fans and supporters. The team has been working hard to secure sponsorship to help with their expenses and equipment needs. Teak Construction saw the opportunity to support a local team and be part of the community and jumped at the chance to sponsor the team.

According to the team’s coach, the new jerseys will not only provide the players with a professional look, but will also boost their morale and give them the confidence they need to perform at their best. The jerseys will feature Teak Construction’s logo.

“We are honored to be associated with the West Coast Rangers and to support the team in their efforts to bring joy and excitement to the community through the sport of soccer,” said Sam White, Commercial Director of Teak Construction. “Sports bring people together and create a sense of community, and we are proud to be a part of that. Our company values giving back to the community, and this sponsorship is just one way for us to show our support.”

The West Coast Rangers are thrilled with the sponsorship, and the players are looking forward to wearing their new jerseys on the field. The team’s captain expressed his gratitude towards Teak Construction and said that the sponsorship will help the team reach new heights and will provide them with the resources they need to perform at their best.

The sponsorship announcement has been met with excitement and support from the local community. Fans and supporters of the West Coast Rangers are eager to see the team take the field in their new jerseys, and they are looking forward to the upcoming season.

We are thrilled to announce that Teak Construction Group has been selected as the contractor for Project Century, the new facility for NZ Bakels. This project represents a significant milestone for NZ Bakels, a leading provider of bakery ingredients in New Zealand.

We are excited to be working with the team of highly respected consultants that have been selected by NZ Bakels for this project, including WT Partners, Williams Architects and Day Consultants, to name a few. Their expertise and experience will play a vital role in ensuring that Project Century is delivered to the highest standards and meets the needs of the client.

As a construction company with a solid reputation for delivering high-quality work on time and on budget, we are excited to bring our expertise to Project Century and work closely with the NZ Bakels team and their consultants to deliver a state-of-the-art facility that will meet their needs and support their continued success.

At NZ Bakels, they specialise in providing top-quality bakery ingredients to customers across New Zealand, and Project Century will allow them to continue to grow and expand their operations. We understand the importance of Project Century for NZ Bakels and their role in the food industry in New Zealand. That is why we are committed to ensuring that the construction process is carried out efficiently, safely and with minimal disruption to their operations.

Our team is dedicated to working closely with the NZ Bakels team and their consultants to ensure that their needs and concerns are taken into consideration throughout the construction process of Project Century. We are looking forward to delivering a facility that will exceed their expectations and support their continued success.

As a client-focused company, we are proud to be a part of Project Century and look forward to delivering a facility that will not only meet the needs of NZ Bakels but also support the growth of the food industry in New Zealand.

Since our last newsletter we have implemented a Social Procurement and Sustainability Policy…

Teak construction Group’s Social Procurement and Sustainability Policy is our kaupapa (policy) for social procurement and sustainable practices. This policy sets out a number of practical guidelines to ensure Teak Construction Group’s actions always positively impact out team, build partners and members of the community.

Teak Construction Group is committed to using procurement for social good, as well as building sustainability into everything we do. We mange these practices throughout every build, including a number of ongoing social and sustainability initiatives such as:

Enabling young tradesmen to gain an education through apprenticeship programmes.

Practicing manaakitanga (compassion and generosity) by looking after our staff, paying all Teak Construction Group staff a living wage and ensuring all our subcontractors do the same.

Championing diversity by encouraging the use and development of Maori, Pacifica and other cultures through the use of language and cultural practices.

Liaising with Iwi and other cultural groups to grain understanding of Te Ao Maori and the wider social impact Teak Construction Group can have.

Teak construction Group’s social production and sustainability policy is designed to ensure we think beyond our bottom line to take care of our employees, clients, local communities and the environment.

Teak construction group sees sustainable practices and social procurement policies as a way to meet the needs of our people and local communities. it’s important to us that we provide opportunities that enrich our people, by ensuring that those same opportunities are available for future generations.

Teak Construction have been working with closely Ambedh Sharma and A&G Investment Trust to bring together his vision for the vacant lot at 10 John Glenn Avenue, Rosedale, Albany. The new building will consist of a warehousing facility and office spaces, spanning over 2000 sq m. Constructed from 9 meter precast concrete panels and specialised aluminium composite cladding panels. Teak are also set to construct space for 29 car parks in addition to the new building.

The Mairangi Bay ‘Waipapa’ Apartments project has had a productive few months in preparation for moving vertical. This has culminated in the erection of six 12m tall precast panels on the northern face of the Block A building with the help of the 30m tall tower crane (which now has an active neon sign for all of Mairangi Bay to see). Block B has had the majority of foundations and an in situ wall formed and we will look to pour slabs in the coming months.

The public drainage works in the nearby carpark have almost concluded and involved open trenching and thrusting of PE line and installation of three manholes. Power has also been brought to site with the thrusting of ducts from Montrose Terrace.

The staggered sequencing of the job, caused by a range of in ground issues out of our control, has led to pouring of slabs in some before beginning foundations in others – this certainly keeps the subcontractors on their toes. Moving forward, we will finish off foundations on the southern side of the site before pouring all slabs and continuing up into the structure.

It’s not unusual for developments on this scale to face delays, but this project has been particularly frustrating and difficult.

We’ve have very little activity on site for the past year waiting for Erson Developments to work through the design and consenting issues, so while their decision is to officially put Beachcroft on hold is disappointing it won’t have significant impact on our staff or subcontractors given we have already redeployed then on other projects.

All the subcontractors we’ve used on this project have been paid already, so thankfully that is not an issue. The major impact is really on the people who had already bought units. Erson’s decision will be a tough pill to swallow, and we feel for them.

Once the design and consenting issues are resolved we will be ready and willing to pick the tools back up with a new developer, so we will just wait and see how it all plays out. Having come this far we would like to see this project through to its end.

We have a few weeks now to clear out the site and some final details to work through Erson. That’s about all we can say at this point.

Teak undertook some light works for our client Riviera Group at Mitre 10 Whangaporoa.

Works included refurbishment of the store entrance and internal fitout works. Other trades involved were structural steel, painting, electrical and carpentry etc.

The project consisted of converting the old Whangaparpa “The Wearhouse” building in to a new “Mitre 10” retail outlet. The works for teak were new structural steel frame work to the vestibule cladded with roofing iron which involve carpentry work and waterproofing details to adjoin to the existing structure. A full repaint of the existing aluminium joinery inside and out, as well as repainting larger areas of the internal of the building to mitre 10 colour scheme. Demolition of some existing internal joinery and structural alterations to existing tilt slab for an new opening into the new Columbus Café area of the store and two new delivery entrances were formed with new roller doors and a concrete apron formed to housed the trade timber racks to the south elevation.

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